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Protect Dry for light in continence - Men & Women's
Light Urinary Incontinence - Mens $44.95 Womens $39.95 We carry 1 of each size unless otherwise stated

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Product Description

Stock levels last updated 04 Jun 2020

Features of the ProtechDry® patented technology:

Ultra absorbent - remains dry in contact with the skin

Watertight outer layer

Fibre-based structure provides comfort

Offers the appearance of regular underwear

Immediately and completely neutralizes all odours associated with urine

100% hypoallergenic

Machine washable




Light bladder leakage or mild urinary incontinence affects almost 5 million Australians.

It can be caused by a variety of conditions including urinary infections, pregnancy and childbirth, bladder stones, cancer, neurological damage caused by things like diabetes and Parkinson’s; or simply from just having weak bladder muscles.

There are a few solutions to this problem, but until now, they have been far from perfect.

ProtechDry® is a range of women’s and men’s washable cotton underwear that helps you effectively and stylishly manage light urinary incontinence.

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